We are a 3rd generation family run
white water rafting company based in
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. For fun
and adventure we can bring you
thrills and excitement for your
vacation in Costa Rica.

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Safety & Responsibility

Safety and Resposability

In compliance with INS (National Insurance Institution) and ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Entity) policies:

▪ No passengers are allowed who have undergone recent surgery (heart, breast implants, spine, etc).
▪ No pregnant women are allowed.
▪ People with existing conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes are at their own risk as long as they keep up with medical treatment.
▪ Only children over 8 years old can take part in out rafting tours.
▪ Only children over 12 years old can do the Upper Naranjo tour.
▪ The maximum weight per person is 275 pounds (125 kg).


▪ Read and agree with our release forms for your particular adventure.
▪ Understand the is an inherente risk involved in any outdoor activity. Safety is a shared resposability. we do our part and we ask you to do the same.
▪ Arrive at the meeting place on time.
▪ Be kind ! Treat nature, your environment, others guests and guides respectfully and with courtesy. Our company does not tolerate harassment of any kind.
▪ Wear clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for your adventure.
▪ Listen to and follow the guides’ instructions and recomendations.
▪ No drugs or alcohol prior to, or during, your trip; alcohol is allowed overnight trips.
▪ Your children are your responsibility!